Retirement Income Planning

Most people have heard of financial planning but what is "Retirement Income Planning?"  In simple terms, Retirement Income Planning creates smart strategies for a secure, sustainable income throughout your retirement.  

The way to accomplish this is: 1) Learn (fully understand) each of your benefits and their options including Social Security and Medicare, 2) Learn how to maximize each of these benefits, 3) Learn the best strategy to coordinate all of them (so they work in harmony) to create your personalized winning Retirement Income Plan.

FESA's management team has over 100 combined years working with benefits and financial services. We have helped Federal Employees all across the nation accomplish their retirement dreams through effective Retirement Income Planning and we can help you too:

When should you retire?
How much money will you receive when you retire?
What options do you have?

What is Medicare?
When do you enroll for Medicare?
What do the different parts of Medicare cover?

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
What are your options with TSP?

Which option is the best for you?
How do you choose that option? 

Social Security
When should you apply?
How much will your monthly benefit be?
Do you qualify for spousal benefits, divorce spousal benefits, or survivor benefits?
How many "do-overs" do you get? 

Can you keep your federal life insurance when you retire?
Will yours costs go up?
Should you keep it?
What options do you have?

Military BuyBack
Are you eligible?
How much will it cost?
Should you do it?

These are but a sample of all the questions that must be answered to create your personalized winning Retirement Income Plan.  Imagine having the freedom during your retirement to live the way you want to live, not having to depend on family to take care of you. None of us have a "Crystal Ball," so from nursing home to home health care and great health, let's be prepared through successful Retirement Income Planning.

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